We believe there are many things to consider whilst choosing the right dance school for your child. Please click the link below to see why EMPAS is the right choice for your child:


How do I join EMPAS?

You can join EMPAS by using the enquiry form on our contact page or by e-mail, phone or Facebook/Instagram.

How do I find out about the timetable of classes?

Administration will go over this with you via email or by telephone.

What will happen when I arrive at EMPAS?

You will be told in advance which studio and teacher your class will be with, but if you have not please ask a teacher or student helper or one of our friendly parents.

Where should I park?

There are public spaces at the side of the Town Hall but these are limited and there are spaces on Lovaine Road which runs parallel to the back of the Town Hall.

PLEASE do not park in front of the houses of local residents or in the Bus Stop and do not block any garages or driveways. Thank you for your co-operation this.


The 22/13/71 stop directly outside the Town Hall on both sides of Newburn Road.


You may leave your bike in the rear yard where staff park.

What should I wear for class?

This depends on the class you are coming to – advice should be given in advance. The school uniform will be available from our dancewear shop, please use our online shop or e-mail the below address.

Our dance shop will stock or order all the correct uniform for you and it is strongly advised you order via our shop to ensure you get the correct items.

Contact: shop@empas.co.uk

We also have a fantastic selection of bespoke logo wear in which children can wear to classes, workshops and festivals.

How do I pay for the classes?

We have three terms a year and invoices are issued in advance – all fees should be paid for before a new term commences and all payment details are on the invoice. We also offer a split payment system, in which payments can be spread out throughout the year if over a certain amount. If you join during a term you can pay weekly for one month and then settle the balance of the invoice.

Can parents stay and watch the class? (Pre-COVID)

We do encourage parents to leave their children so there are no distractions in the classroom and this encourages the children to be more independent. Periodically we do invite parents in to watch a class and notice is given so you know when that is, we also hold annual performances. There is a waiting area and refreshments available within Newburn Old Town Hall.

Can I leave my child?

All pupils can be left however teachers can only be responsible for them during class times, in most cases another class follows straight on and we have to be with those children.

Please always instruct your child to wait in reception for you if you are not there at the end of their class or to come back and sit in the next class until you arrive.

We recommend for children under 5 years that you stay on the premises and for beginners until they settle, however this is not compulsory, unless they are able to use the toilet themselves.

When you become a member of EMPAS you should read all EMPAS T&C’s in the Members section of our web page. Password protected.

What performance opportunities do you offer?

EMPAS do a bi-annual show which is either a scripted musical or a showcase of dance styles and performance arts.

We also participate in an inter-school dance competition once a year in May which is open to anyone in the school, further information can be given upon request.

We also have performance opportunities throughout the year at other events which you can be informed of if you join our members page and mailing list.

Pupils are also encouraged and guided to audition for shows, events and associate programmes externally and EMPAS has a very high success rate in all aspects of dance and performance arts.

What about dance exams?

We have examination sessions 3 to 4 times a year with the IDTA.

Exams are not compulsory but are strongly encouraged and it gives pupils something to work and strive towards it also gives them a sense of achievement, as well as being a real confidence builder.

I have danced before and don’t want to be in a beginner’s class – what should I do?

Once we know what you have already done we will put you in a class or classes that we think will be appropriate, we will then assess you over a 2 to 3 week period so we can make sure you are placed in the appropriate class or classes.


Please complete the form and return to EMPAS before commencing classes. Please pay the Membership fee within one month of starting.

Please read information in our General Terms and conditions regarding our duty of care and providing First Aid. By signing this form you are agreeing to our T&Cs. Follow this link: EMPAS General T&C’s



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There is a £20.00 lifetime membership fee due 1 month after the commencement of classes, however if you decide to leave the school this fee lapses after 6 months and you would then need to pay the fee again.

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